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Why choose the timelapse solution for the follow-up of your construction site ?

The follow-up of works on construction sites are necessary for you. However, in the search of the means of a good follow-up, your advisers did not cease directing you towards the timelapse. So why choose this solution for monitoring the work on your site? This article gives you in great detail, the advantages that you have to resort to timelapse.

Have live HDR images of the site

The advantages of timelapse are numerous for you who want to start the construction work. The timelapse camera is the best solution, the one that suits you. Do not hesitate to consult our page to have more information about his choice and its benefits.
Indeed, the timelapse allows you to have a panoramic view of the images of your site. Sometimes, access to your site is not recommended, because of the dangers related to the work site. But thanks to the timelapse camera, you will have a live image of all the activities of the construction site, while it is still under construction.
In addition to the perception of almost all the images of your site, the timelapse camera sends you in time, all that is captured there. At regular time intervals, high definition images are taken. And thanks to a private online server, you will have immediate access to updated images.

Provide visible evidence of progress

The timelapse solution not only provides you with a paronamical view of the construction site, but also gives you visible and palpable evidence of the evolution or progress of the activities on the site. It is an intermediary between the project manager and the site manager. In other words, it gives you proof of the veracity of the regular report presented by the site manager.
In addition, the timelapse camera is strong enough to withstand wind and tide, to provide you with true evidence. No matter how bad the weather is, the timelapse camera will not disappoint you.