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What is a DDOS attack and what does koddos DDOS technology involve?

DDOS attacks are becoming more and more common these days on the internet. These are attacks that have to do with computer technology. The perpetrators penetrate your system or send traffic to destabilize it or prevent it from working. With this in mind, Koddos has developed a technology to solve these problems. Find out in this article, what a DDOS attack is and what DDOS technology entails.

Notion: DDOS attack

The company Koddos was founded in 2009 by two computer geniuses. It does everything related to DDOS, security, and high risk hosting. Koddos also offers services called ANTI-DDOS SERVICE. DDOS attacks are attempts by malicious people to disable your system and prevent it from displaying content. For example, after a DDOS attack, your website will not work. Customers will not be able to access pages or make purchases. In the case of a mobile network, a DDOS attack can lead to network saturation and outages for users who can no longer use it. These attacks are becoming more and more common on the Internet as they are the most widespread form of cybercrime. If you are a professional doing business online, in order not to have a time out or site paralysis, it would be best to protect yourself from these attacks.

Koddos DDOS technology

Because of the scale and damage these attacks cause, DDOS technology has created a vast 550 Gbps network. So when these attacks reach your network, they are partially neutralized by ACL rules. They are then directed to the cleanup centers where they are filtered. Finally, the technology takes care of checking and inspecting every bit of your system to make sure no malicious traffic has remained.