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What are the essential alarm systems in a house?

The protection of a house is most often achieved through the installation of a sophisticated alarm system. On the market, we find these devices in different forms and intended for various needs. In this article, we take a look at the anti-intrusion, anti-gas and anti-fire systems.

An anti-intrusion alarm system

This type of system is primarily used to deter thieves in their plans to break into a home. The system consists of a set of components, including a control panel, detectors, sensors and a siren. The components in the front position are the detectors, as they detect abnormal movements and transmit signals to the central control unit, which initiates the triggering of an alarm. The sensors are installed on the entrances such as doors and windows. They are generally composed of two elements that are supposed to be close to each other. When an abnormal vibration causes a gap between the two elements, a signal is transmitted to the control panel to raise the alarm. Finally, the role of the siren needs no introduction. It produces noises of various levels and can be adjusted according to your preferences and the level of alert you want to set up for your property. If you would like to learn more about this topic, pop over to this web-site that addresses the varied topics.

A fire alarm system

This type of system has become in recent years an imperative that you must put in place in your home. Indeed, more and more cases of fire with consequences of loss of human life are recorded in Europe. Such damage could have been avoided with these systems, which are mostly of two types. Some of them have smoke detectors. This means that they send out an alarm when there is a certain amount of smoke condensation in a room. The others are equipped with heat detectors and are used primarily in kitchens. When the temperature of a room reaches an unusual threshold, the system triggers the alarm and if possible the mechanisms for protecting the property.

A gas leak alarm system

Gas leakage alarm systems are made primarily to prevent the risk of asphyxiation. To some extent, they also address the risk of explosion and fire. The system consists of a box that can be configured to detect an abnormal gas level in a room. There are two types of equipment, those that are designed to detect a specific gas and those that can detect various gases.