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Soldering station: how to choose the right one?

You are looking for a soldering station for your different jobs and you don't know how to go about it? There are techniques to choose the right station for your work. Find out how to choose a soldering station.

Consider its power

To achieve high quality welding jobs, it is important to have a good welding machine. To find more information about this read on. The power of a soldering station determines how thick the metal can be soldered. The more power has, the more it will be able to do the job it is expected to do. It is therefore important to consider the power of a machine before purchasing one. The duty cycle is an indicator of the performance of the soldering station for 10 minutes of use and at a temperature around 40oC. The power is expressed as a percentage of the amperage.

The higher the percentage, the better the station is able to withstand the most intense work. It is therefore considered that a station that provides more power is the most ideal for any work whether intensive or not. 

The thickness of the metal to be welded 

The thickness of the metal to be soldered should be considered when buying a soldering station. If you have a single type of metal with a thickness that does not vary, then you should choose a station that matches that. On the other hand, if you are using metals of different sizes, it is better to choose a soldering station that responds both when you request it for a metal of small thickness and the metal of large thickness. 

Therefore you need to have in mind the thickness of your metal and the corresponding power of the soldering station. Also consider the price/performance ratio. Don't buy a fairly expensive soldering station that doesn't deliver a good performance.