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How to choose your handpan?

Some musical instruments are different from each other even if they are the same. As the handpan has different characteristics that you must take into account to make your choice when buying. With this in mind, you may wonder what characteristics you should take into account when choosing the right one. Relieve your curiosity on the subject in this article.

Take into account the steel of manufacture

The first thing you should consider when buying your handpan is to check the quality of the steel with which it was made. Steels are either nitrided or stainless. So in order to buy a handpan classy that could add ambiance to your music composition, it is important to take this into account. The nitrided one, has a shorter note length, but gives a powerful sound. It is true that it gives a powerful sound, but it does not have more melodies than the stainless one. This one has a deeper sound with a long note length and the quality of the sound makes the melody more suitable for contemplation.

Consider how to maintain it

When purchasing a handpan, you should know all the best ways to maintain it. Using this in a humid place makes its oxidation more pleasant. Not only should it be used in a humid place, but it should also be stored very often always in humidity to avoid rusting around it. It requires more maintenance especially if it is made of nitrided steel. For this purpose, its cleaning is done every time after its use with oil. Nevertheless, stainless handpan does not need a quick oil cleaning very often. You can clean it months after its use.

Consider the number of notes

The number of notes the handpan has is also necessary before buying it. If you were already a player of this instrument, you would have to opt for a handpan with more notes, that is, between 10 to 17 notes. As you know, more notes do not make for a pleasant sound, so it is more or less advisable to choose a handpan with fewer notes.