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How do you go about optimizing a question-and-answer website?

Around the world, thousands of Internet users ask themselves many questions on a daily basis. To this end, several means, including question-and-answer websites, are available to them to clarify the doubt in their minds. Read how to successfully optimize a question-and-answer website.

Optimizing the content of the site's pages

The content strategy of question-and-answer sites is simple: a dedicated page for a need. Much touted, this approach avoids the risk of content that is too long and therefore redundant on many pages. For example, on a page explaining how to update a Samsung phone, the answer "restart" should not explain in detail how to restart a smartphone depending on the model. This is because a simple link redirecting to an already existing page that addresses the issue is sufficient. Also, the content of the page must be able to explain a poorly asked or imprecise question. In addition, with a check, you will find more information.

Define your goals

Even on popular topics, like recent models of smartphones, the questions people are asking themselves are part of a long list of questions. For example, to define its objectives, you might consider the questions that should be considered around the theme defined first, to reject the different variants. However, there are suitable tools that can stimulate the imagination as they provide insight into the interests of internet users. However, be aware that when it comes to targeting, your goals should be broad, but not too broad, as Google will penalize sites that try to maximize their footprint by creating subdomains on topics that are too fine for each page to generate specific content. In short, the optimization of a question-and-answer site is done in several stages.